Sea Hawk UAV flight test running
The Eagle 1600 AIbirdUAV night flight landing
The Eagle 1600 AIBirdUAVs night catapult off video
Intelligent birds UAV SY2000 wing take-off video
Intelligent birds UAV again bright 2014 fifth phase commando wing China UAV Conference
Hunan Provincial Party and government leaders visited the exhibition hall in Wuhan Optical Valley AI-bird UAV
AI birds UAV eight rotor power Shishou Milu expedition
   The AIbirduav originated in the company president Wang Hsiao-wave childhood dream of flying, many years of experience in business still has not changed his pursuit of dreams, the smart bird UAV Co., Ltd. was established in May 2010, China has become a UAVindustry leader, involved in a number of national UAV projects, as well as the the UAV industry standard formulation.
    Wuhan intelligent birds UAV Co., Ltd. under the leadership of Wang, has become the leading professional manufacturer of intelligent unmanned aerial vehicles, the factory area of 1500 square meters, adding Optics Valley of China, Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Wuhan University Science and Technology Park national Geospatial information Industry Base, from the UAV airframe manufacturing, research and development of the flight control system flight service training and guidance are complete autonomy.
    Our goal is to make world-class UAV enterprises, to provide first-class service to our customers!
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